CinemaTherapy Chat on Clubhouse hosted by Dr. G

Visual arts help simulate experiences that communicate ideas, stories, perceptions, emotions, and feelings. Film can be educational, inspirational, and intriguing....Read More

It’s ok. Take your time, there is no rush.

Shout out to all the healers that are working overtime during these trying times. Thank you for caring, thank you...Read More

Episode 2: Loss, Diversity in Children’s Literature, and Selena with special guest, Andrés Antúnez

On Episode 2 of The Psychpod, we sit down with special guest, Andrés Antúnez who is the author of ‘Someday for...Read More

The Great Conjunction of 2020

An astronomical conjunction is occurring in our solar system, something that has not happened in centuries, we may never get...Read More